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You must have heard about web sites who share the AdSense revenue with you. The ratio could be anything like 50%-50%, 60%-40% etc. Some of these sites include forums too. I have found a great site called which gives you 100% of the revenue generated on your content. I don’t know why I didn’t find this site earlier!

The best part is that this is not a boring forum site where all you do is type and type more. This is a social networking site where you could make friends, upload videos, upload pictures, write blog entries and share everything with the world. This is a very colorful, bright and vibrant website where earning some money is just a part of it (important though).

If you already have a AdSense account you could just give the details while registering and your ads will start showing on your content. In case you don’t have a AdSense account yet, you can create one and link with You can just skip the AdSense stuff and just enjoy the site like any other social networking site if you are not interested in the “online money” thing.

Why don’t you Join and see yourself? Let have fun on Flixya.

Earn from Writing Articles on InformativePost

If you read the article here and liked that “Paid to write” idea, here is one more for you. Unlike, you don’t have to write reviews here on but you could write articles in the area of your interest to be published on InformativePost and you get paid for the same!

IP (InformativePost) pays from $3 to $5 per article published on the site! If you ask me, this rate is pretty good. But that’s not all; you also get paid for page impressions. IP also has an Author Priority system. After you register with IP, you earn Author Priority points for your activity on the site like reading and commenting on other articles published on IP, Publishing your own articles etc.

These Author Priority points don’t earn you money directly but it acts as an activity meter on IP. The more Author Priority points, the more you can earn from the page impressions. Writers with higher Author Priority stand a chance to have their articles published quickly than others.

The minimum payout on InformativePost is $25 which is not that difficult if you ask me. You can withdraw money to your Paypal account. Consider the amount you get for each article you write plus the earnings from page impressions! I am about to take home some money from IP very soon. The owner of this site is a young and friendly guy and many times I have had discussions with him regarding InformativePost.

If you enjoy writing do register for and have a great time while you earn good money.

Earn from Youtube Videos and AdSense


We all are aware of how you can earn money through your web site or blog by installing Google AdSense ads. AdSense also has some more ways to help you earn money from a blog or a web site. For example AdSense Search. AdSense Search may not add significantly to your AdSense earnings but in many of the cases it may contribute up to 5% of the total AdSense earnings.

AdSense has one more terrific option to earn money from. Youtube videos, Yes!

If you have a Youtube account and an Google AdSense account, you can add Youtube videos on your blog or web site which may help you get more clicks resulting in more $$$ from AdSense.

You don’t need to upload your own videos to Youtube. There are plenty of them already. You just have to choose the categories or add keywords for which you would like to display the videos on your web page.

Adding Youtube videos is not very difficult. The only thing is you need to have an AdSense account as well as a Youtube account. Once you go to the AdSense Ad Setup page, you will see step but step instructions on how to go about adding Youtube videos on your web page. There are a number of players with different color schemes and sizes which you could add.

So, if you already have a blog or a website, logon to AdSense and Youtube and add some life to your website or blog!

Happy Earning!! Earning Opportunity

Another jewel when it comes to Earning Money Online. is an excellent earning opportunity for anybody who could write about 120 words minimum about services, products, online stores, movies etc.

I am sure you can write 120 words to earn $1! Yes, pays you $1 per review and the minimum payment level is just $5. So, if you are using just 5 products or services listed on and if you could write a short review about those products, you can earn $5 in a single day! offers many payment options including

That is not all, you also earn from the ratings your review earns from other ciao members. This could add to your $1 earning per review and you will see your total earnings shooting through the roofs. I was able to make $40 in a single month just by writing 22 reviews. also has a referral system but I won’t post my referral link here because that is not the reason I am writing this post. I am writing this post so that you could earn more money online with a reputed and genuine site with millions of products and services we use everyday.

Check it out, register and start earning today.

Earning Money with Google AdSense

Google AdsenseI know this topic has been discussed a lot on the internet and people are still talking about the same Google Adsense earnings, so do I, being no exception. But I have a reason to talk about it here on this blog. This blog is about "Earning Online Money" and Google Adsense is a great tried and tested tool for making money. There are billions of websites and blogs floating on the internet having Google Adsense installed on them. And there are thousands of more blogs adding to it every other day!

Why so many blogs and websites are using Google Adsense? It is simple; they make money with Google Adsense! If you have a 3 month old website or blog you can register with Adsense and apply for an account. On approval from Google Adsense, you can simply follow a few steps and start displaying Adsense ads on your web pages.

When a visitor clicks on one of these ads while browsing your site, you make money! You could earn any where from $0.01 to almost $1.5 per click. I have also heard people making $10 per click. It all depends on the content on your sites and the amount of traffic you generate. That is the key to be successful with Google Adsense.

So, if you wish to make more money online, with almost no limits to it, create a free blog on or and try using Google Adsense. All for free, and nothing to loose! All the best with your Google Adsense venture.

Earning money with PTC sites

When I started to look for ways to earn money online, the first I found was earning with PTC sites. PTC means "Paid to Click" sites. These are probably most advertised and publicized ‘earn money' websites on the internet, I guess. That is why these websites also happens to be the most favorite online income source for many. When you Google for some PTC sites you will find thousands of PTC sites which offer to pay from a few cents to a few hundred dollars.

I myself have tried hundreds of PTC sites. Some of them promised me to pay hundreds of dollars just for clicking their ads! Obviously they don't pay!! You can not say that they are a fraud, but the bottom line is you won't see that money into your Paypal account.

This doesn't make them all bad though. I also found many sites which actually pay. The minimum payment usually is $1 and in some cases $2 to $5. This is not much money but it is good for a newbie in Online Money Making. Soon I got bored with earning a dollar a month, that too after clicking thousands of ads. I also found new and better ways to earn money online which I have posted here on the blog. I will also post many more ways to earn money online so keep checking!

To start with, you can check the MyLot and Homepage Friends posts. More ways to earn money online coming soon!

Make Money using Yahoo! Search

Here is another great website for those who wish to earn money online. This is a website from UK (United Kingdom) which basically pays its users for using Yahoo Search! Interesting, isn’t it!!

Homepages friends has a tie up with Yahoo! Search which enables Homepages’s users to search on Yahoo! Search using their browser’s search box. The best part about this is that you don’t need to download, install software or toolbar neither you have to reset your browsers default home page to any website. You absolutely change none of your settings.

When you register with homepages you will see the instructions for customizing your Browser’s search box with your Name. That’s it! Your name is displayed in your browser’s search box and whenever you perform a search on the internet through the same box your activity is counted on homepages

The search results from Yahoo! Search are displayed. You could use this search just the same way you normally search on the internet. The only difference is that after you register with homepages you will be paid for searching the internet with Yahoo! Search.

Homepage friends ( pays in Sterling Pounds and once you reach the minimum payout level, i.e. £ 20; it will be credited to your Paypal account.

Join myhpf (homepage friends) now and earn online money for something you have been already doing on the internet.

Earn Online with MyLot

mylot.comThere are Millions of internet users who are bored with just plain browsing and who want to make something out of their usage of the internet. This would simply mean that they wish to earn some money while they spend their time on the internet. Although, this sounds like asking too much for something you do as it is your need but it is now possible with web sites like is one of the websites where the registered users can socialize online, make friends and earn money at the same time. So, if you become a member and you participate on the site regularly, you will probably earn handsome pocket money for yourself. It is like Earn while having Fun. On, you will be able to satisfy your socializing needs (of course online socializing) as well as get paid for the activities you perform on the site. is a social networking site (which pays) where you can share your thoughts with other members, you can ask for opinion about anything you wish to. At mylot, these activities are called as 'Discussions'. You can start your own discussions or you may just respond to the discussions of the other members. For every response that you make to a discussion you will approximately earn $0.02. So, if you have an hour which you can spend on and if you are able to respond to 50 discussion you will probably end up earning $1! Isn't that amazing? If you visit regularly and post 50 responses to the discussions everyday, you will earn $10 in 10 days, which is the minimum payout limit on

Isn't this Fantastic!! This means that you could earn $30 in a month just by replying to others discussions and this is not all! You can start your own discussions too, where other members will respond to it and that will also earn you money. There is one more way to earn on You can also upload your photos, images, graphics to the relevant topics on mylot which could earn you upto $0.03. also has a referral program where you will earn a percentage of the total revenue earned by your referrals.

All in all, is a deal for someone who likes to read, write and share thoughts, views. There are members who reach the payout limit within a month. I have also been paid once by You can request your payment to your Paypal account. Please check the mylot terms and FAQ pages before you jump in. Once you read it, register and start earning money!

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