Get more Traffic with Entrecard

Entrecard is one of the popular network which helps bloggers gain traffic to their blogs and websites. Entrecard is a free community where bloggers can interact, place ads on other blogs, publish ads for others blogs to earn credits and so on.

You will earn credits on which you can use to advertise your blog and gain traffic. Once you place a widget on your blog, Entrecarders will be able to drop Entrecards on your blog and you can do the same on other Entrecard community blogs. Whenever a card is dropped on your blog you earn a creadit. Credits could be used to place your ads on other blogs.

Entrecard also had an option to convert the Entrecard credits to cash which is not available any more. But still Entrecard community will help you improve traffic to your site which in returns means more and more revenue. Join now and start using Entrecard!

Netbook India: Best Indian netbook website

I recently came across this site called Netbook India. This website is all about the netbooks and mini laptops available in India. I found the site very much informative and I am sure I could go back to this site often to find new updates and new products. This could help me when I plan to get a new netbook or mini laptop for myself :)

A website like "Netbook India" would specially help people like me who are from India and are interested in this gadgets.

Netbook India looks wel organised, content is the main thing you see as soon as you go the the site and the ads don't really bother you in between. Overall a good site with lots of information on netbooks and mini laptops, check it out!

Earn Money with Trek Pay

Trek Pay is one of the faster paying sites amongst all the PTCs. The minimum payout is just $5.50 and one can reach the payout in around a months time. If you have referrals under you, the payout will be even faster.

The only thing is you have to verify your paypal account with Trek Pay by depositing $1. The Trek Pay admin returns the $1 to you in about 24 hours. Many users have done it and all of them got their $1 back in their paypal account. Not just that but they also got paid once they earned $5.50 :)

Join now and enjoy the earnings!

How to monetize with Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is one of the most used service for online advertising. Millions of publishers of websites and blogs are also benefiting with Adsense by publishing Adsense ads on their websites. The overwhelming response to this pioneer of online advertising makes it unique and untouchable in online advertising.

Making money with Adsense is the sole purpose of many blogs and websites floating around on the internet. While many are trying to make money with Adsense most of them fail to do so. The reasons are quite obvious. Everything boils down to the 'traffic'! Even if some WebPages are generating good amount of traffic they are not really making good money with Adsense.

Here are some tips, which are basically published on many websites and can be found on the Adsense website itself.

  1. Research and find out in which area the visitors are clicking (provided you have Adsense placed there). This way you will know which ad blocks are just eating up your web page's real estate and which ad blocks are actually working to earn you some money.

  2. Once you have the results remove all the other ad blocks and concentrate on the ad blocks which are paying you. Play with different colors, text ads vs. image ads, different fonts and font sizes and so on.

  3. The typical help on Adsense states that the Adsense ad blocks should blend in your content, which could be done using the similar font size and color. The probability of the visitor clicking the ad increases when the ad blocks are blended in to the content.

  4. Even if the visitors are clicking the ads, you may not be earning good with Adsense. This could be because of the ads that are being displayed in your Adsense ad blocks. You will need to do some SEO research on your pages and optimize them to display the high paying ads.
I have been using adsense for a few years and it has been working for me since then! Hope these tips will help you monetize your blog with Adsense.

Have you made Online Money yet?


I have been posting a lot of great websites and their details to this blog for a few weeks now. I hope you enjoyed reading the posts and have joined some money making websites of your choice. I just thought of asking you if you really have joined any and started earning money online with these?

I hope you really are making some online earnings by now, if you haven't joined yet please do so. The sooner the better :) I am sure you'd like to see your Paypal balance rising week by week, month by month! All the best!!!

Earnings & Advertising with AdFlasher

AdFlasher is one of the high paying, genuine and legit sites around. This is a comparatively new website which has grown very fast in last few months. Previously it was a free site with a 'paid member' option, just like premium members. Even now it has both the user categories but if you are a paid member on this site, you get to view more ads and you reach faster to the payout limit.

Ad Views are assigned to members a couple of times in a month and you have to complete the ad views to get the funds added to your account. In the last week this site has increased it's minimum payout limit from $30 to $100, which is a far more than what people expected or prefer. It makes me a little nervous that I won't be paid in the next payment cycle but I am sure I will reach the payout soon.

Register for a free account first and see how you like it. I am sure you will like it and you can become a paid member and earn more here.

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