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One of the ways to earn a good online income is to write a weblog to get paid. You will find a numerous ways to monetize a blog. If you ask google or look on wiki you will find a lot of networks where one gets paid to blog.

A blog could have advertisements that occupy some area on the screen and the blogger gets paid for displaying the ad. Similarly, a blogger could write a post on his blog discussing about a product or a service which the advertiser has to offer and wants to promote. This will be just like any other blog post to let the readers know about product/service. In return the advertiser pay the blogger to have written the post and to have it on the blog forever.

There are networks which act as a mediator between the advertiser and the bloggers community. These networks help advertisers to post there offers to the bloggers and the bloggers get to view and choose the offer they wish to complete and get paid. The mediator network also ensures that the bloggers get paid for the post written as well as the advertiser gets a quality post on the blog.

It turns out to be a 'win-win' situation for all. No wonder more and more bloggers are writing to get paid.


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thanks for such valuable information ON THIS BLOG, Plz keep updating with new ideas...
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