What do you think Love is?


After reviewing a number of 'earn online' schemes, I thought of taking a break and going away from the 'online money' theme. This blog being a very generic one, gives me the flexibility to cover various topics, which I think is great!

Someone was discussing what 'love' really is and what it means to people. It suddenly grabbed my attention and all I could gather from that discussion was many people think 'Love' in terms of a physical relation. I was surprised to learn that and it set me thinking about it.

Of course, physical relation could be a 'part' of 'love' but it entirely may not only limit to that. Humans are different and they have many emotions and they could actually speak, express those emotions. Being 'only' physical is not like a 'human being'. Humans take 'love' to a different level altogether where the age, gender, location, looks and skin colors don't really matter.

I think Love is a very positive and tremendous force. I do not associate love with physical contacts or relationships etc. I think love is much more divine. To me the first thing that occurs when I think of the word love is "Giving". Giving without limitations, Giving everything, Giving everything possible up to any possible limit, including your soul.


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