Earn more with WidgetBucks™

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

WidgetBucks is one of the most reputed online advertising program available for bloggers and website publishers. This leading network of Advertising Widgets, founded in October 2007 is serving over 1.5 billion Ad impressions each month worldwide and is ranked among the Top 30 ad networks by comScore.

Thousands of niche publishers and bloggers are making money with WidgetBucks. WidgetBucks Ads are placed using a proprietary technology called YieldSense™ which maximizes CPC earnings by automatically analyzing and displaying the highest-yielding product widgets unique to a publisher’s site. Within its ad widgets, WidgetBucks offers performance-based CPC (cost-per-click) units across multiple verticals, including shopping, travel and local, as well as CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) advertisements.

Registering with WidgetBucks is free and you could have the widget running on your blog in minutes. If you don't have WidgetBucks on your blog or website, you are not making the most out of it, I must say!

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