Highest Paying Paid to Post (PTP) Forum: could be a Fraud!

Soon after I published this post for you guys, I got to know that the payments per post on this forum are temporarily stopped! Which is not a very good sign. The admin has not given any clarification on the pending funds for the members. So, I suggest you guys to keep away from this forum until further notice. I will update this post as soon as I get any good news.

Online money making is not "Risky" but certainly there are fraud sites. My job is to get you legit sites only. After all the very sites I have found and written about this is the only site which was legit till now, but not sure about its future. Be sure that all the sites I bring here are really paying to its members. Thanks!

Today, I have brought a great Paid to Post forum for you all. I am sure you all must be knowing many such forums floating around. But I have specially choosen this forum amongst all those who pay to post. The reason is on most of the forums all you can earn is a few cents after a hard work. This forum is an exception, not in terms of hard work, but in terms of the pay rate.

Diamondtimes is one of the highest paying PTP forum I have seen. Here, you can get paid to start 3 new threads per day, and for that the forum pays you a whooping $0.10 per thread! So that makes it $0.30 for three threads.

Next, you get paid for 7 replies to other member's threads, which is $0.07 per reply, i.e. $0.70! There you go, just for starting 3 new threads and replying 7 other threads you have earned $1.00!!! Isn't that amazing. Mind my words, it is true too! You can check the Payment proofs right here!

How much would you earn on other forums for doing this kind of work? just about $0.20 i guess. Do register here and see yourself. If you don't like it you can just drop it, but there is no harm on trying. You have to experience it to believe it.

Do not Join the forum above!

Make Money with MyFreeShares

MyFreeShares is another site I have been working on for months. It is a slow but sure way to make little online money. As the name itself describes, MyFreeShares is a site where you earn shares and you get paid depending up on the number of shares you hold in your account. For example, if you have 10,000 shares in your account, and the website MyFreeShares makes $130 on a day where each share is paid $0.0001, then your earning for the day would be $1.

Although, earning 10,000 shares will take time, you can start from the scratch and build up the number of shares. There are many ways to earn shares like 'share free per click'. Each day you visit the site and click on these links which will earn you share per click 0.01. Over the time you will have a lot of shares. This is not all. There are offers like 'share per signup' where you will earn $0.05 plus 1 share to complete the offer.

You can also try Paid offers and earn hundreds or thousands of shares depending on the offers. This way you could increase your share holding which in return earns money, dividend for you.

Register now and try it yourself!

LinkGrand: One of the Trusted PTC


I have been associated with Linkgrand for more than 3 years! The fact itself should prove that Linkgrand.com is a legit PTC site and pays its users. I have been paid once by this site (you can trust me and not ask for proofs :) it wastes a lot of time for me).

As I told you in my earlier post that I was away from PTC sites for few years, I am back to them since people have been asking me about more and more PTC sites. LinkGrand is one of the sites I went back first and have started clicking everyday.

One can withdraw through Paypal once the account reaches $5, which is the minimum payout limit. Believe me, it is not difficult, I have no referrals on LinkGrand. But I click everyday and that takes me to payout level very fast, may be a month here and there but it works for sure.

If you could get referrals under you, it will be great and you will reach the payout sooner. I am going to click on LinkGrand once I finish posting this. Register now, and see you on Linkgrnad, soon!


Earn with PTC sites

I have discussed a lot of methods to make online money on this blog. All of these methods are tried and tested by myself which pay a decent amount too. But there are a lot of people asking me about any good PTC sites I know. I have been to a lot of PTC sites and found that most of those are not legit sites. Some PTC websites are legit and pay the users but how much one could earn from PTC sites without investing into referrals? Hardly a few cents a week, or a dollar a month.

But I think many peolple like PTC sites and want to work on them. So, thats that! If one wishes to make money on PTC then I am here to help. I will list a few PTCs which are good and have paid me in the past or paying me even now.

One of those great PTCs is the amigoclicks. I recently joined this website. You can click ads, read emails, click links to earn money. The payput is very low. i.e. minimum $1.01 for AlertPay and minumum of $2.00 for Paypal.

You can click around 90 links and 20 ads per day which alone could take you upto the Paypal payout level of $2.00 in about a week! That sounds good!! If you wish to join this site you can click here and register right now!

Trade Forex to Make Money

Making money online is not a get rich quick scheme. Most of the internet users who wish to earn online think the other way! Making online money takes a long time, determination and patience...just like your daily job. The money you earn online also depends on the kind of online work you do. One thing for sure is, over a period you would have accumulated a good amount to pay your bills at least.

But this certainly doesn't mean that one can not earn big money online or can not make a living out of the internet. There are some great opportunities which in return give you handsome returns. Forex Trading is one of them. There are many websites and platforms where one can trade currencies to make a good earning.

To trade forex one needs to understand the different currencies and how they behave with respect to each other. It also requires a sound knowledge of Technical Analysis. Today, there are many software programs which help you understand the technical aspect of the price movement and the trend in which the currency pair is moving.

With a little home work and understanding of forex market you could start trading forex and make awesome money too! Please note that forex trading involves great risks! If you are expecting big returns, you obviously will be exposed to bigger risks. So master the technical aspects and study the currency pair you wish to trade.

You can also open a Demo account first before you start trading with real money. This will help you a lot to understand forex and get a hang of it. One of my favorite site where I learnt trading and am still trading is FxPro.

Wish you all the best in your new online venture!

Thanks for reading!!

Paid to Socialize

Peoplefriends.com is a social networking site which pays its users to participate on the website. This website is different than any other social networking website that pays. All the other social networking websites would pay the user only when they reach a specified minimum payout level which usually ranges from $10 to $20. Unlike these websites peoplefriends.com pays its users every month irrespective of the amount they have earned. For example I have earned as little as $0.54 in a month and still got paid in my paypal account.

You can register with peoplefriends.com and start earning points for the acitivities you carry on the site. You can see the FAQ page for the acitivities you get points for. Your payment depends on the points you earn each month. Peoplefriends.com pays me before 15th of each month.

You can see the payment proof here.

As you can see, I have not been very active on this site. but it still pays me month after month :) If you decide to actively participate in the site, imagine your earnings!

Register if you like this site and if you register, don't forget to add me as your friend :) My username on the site is: buzzmaker

All the best!

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