Paid to Socialize is a social networking site which pays its users to participate on the website. This website is different than any other social networking website that pays. All the other social networking websites would pay the user only when they reach a specified minimum payout level which usually ranges from $10 to $20. Unlike these websites pays its users every month irrespective of the amount they have earned. For example I have earned as little as $0.54 in a month and still got paid in my paypal account.

You can register with and start earning points for the acitivities you carry on the site. You can see the FAQ page for the acitivities you get points for. Your payment depends on the points you earn each month. pays me before 15th of each month.

You can see the payment proof here.

As you can see, I have not been very active on this site. but it still pays me month after month :) If you decide to actively participate in the site, imagine your earnings!

Register if you like this site and if you register, don't forget to add me as your friend :) My username on the site is: buzzmaker

All the best!


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