Make Money with MyFreeShares

MyFreeShares is another site I have been working on for months. It is a slow but sure way to make little online money. As the name itself describes, MyFreeShares is a site where you earn shares and you get paid depending up on the number of shares you hold in your account. For example, if you have 10,000 shares in your account, and the website MyFreeShares makes $130 on a day where each share is paid $0.0001, then your earning for the day would be $1.

Although, earning 10,000 shares will take time, you can start from the scratch and build up the number of shares. There are many ways to earn shares like 'share free per click'. Each day you visit the site and click on these links which will earn you share per click 0.01. Over the time you will have a lot of shares. This is not all. There are offers like 'share per signup' where you will earn $0.05 plus 1 share to complete the offer.

You can also try Paid offers and earn hundreds or thousands of shares depending on the offers. This way you could increase your share holding which in return earns money, dividend for you.

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