Highest Paying Paid to Post (PTP) Forum: could be a Fraud!

Soon after I published this post for you guys, I got to know that the payments per post on this forum are temporarily stopped! Which is not a very good sign. The admin has not given any clarification on the pending funds for the members. So, I suggest you guys to keep away from this forum until further notice. I will update this post as soon as I get any good news.

Online money making is not "Risky" but certainly there are fraud sites. My job is to get you legit sites only. After all the very sites I have found and written about this is the only site which was legit till now, but not sure about its future. Be sure that all the sites I bring here are really paying to its members. Thanks!

Today, I have brought a great Paid to Post forum for you all. I am sure you all must be knowing many such forums floating around. But I have specially choosen this forum amongst all those who pay to post. The reason is on most of the forums all you can earn is a few cents after a hard work. This forum is an exception, not in terms of hard work, but in terms of the pay rate.

Diamondtimes is one of the highest paying PTP forum I have seen. Here, you can get paid to start 3 new threads per day, and for that the forum pays you a whooping $0.10 per thread! So that makes it $0.30 for three threads.

Next, you get paid for 7 replies to other member's threads, which is $0.07 per reply, i.e. $0.70! There you go, just for starting 3 new threads and replying 7 other threads you have earned $1.00!!! Isn't that amazing. Mind my words, it is true too! You can check the Payment proofs right here!

How much would you earn on other forums for doing this kind of work? just about $0.20 i guess. Do register here and see yourself. If you don't like it you can just drop it, but there is no harm on trying. You have to experience it to believe it.

Do not Join the forum above!


NYSilly Cares, Inc said...

Damn that sucks, its possible I didn't plan out their budget correctly, in the beginning when I started my pay to play website, we didn't plan the budget correctly and we had to take a 2 month break. Now we are back and we have enough funds to cover anything!

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