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Microworkers is a site where you can get paid to complete assignments given by the advertisers. Advertisers or other users put their assignments with a fixed payment associated with it. The minimum payment for a particular task/job would be $0.10. For a complex task like writing a review article and liking to a website or a blog, it could be $1 or even $1.50.

It all depends on the job poster. The minimum is set by Microworkers and the job poster could pay as much as he wishes to. You could accept the tasks you think you can finish and after complition of the task submit it to the poster, where it will be verified and you will get paid in your microworker account.

It is really a simple process and there are a lot of tasks for international users. You can complete hundreds of tasks whenever you wish to and get paid in your Paypal account. The minimum payout is $10 which is really easy to achieve.


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