Make Money using Yahoo! Search

Here is another great website for those who wish to earn money online. This is a website from UK (United Kingdom) which basically pays its users for using Yahoo Search! Interesting, isn’t it!!

Homepages friends has a tie up with Yahoo! Search which enables Homepages’s users to search on Yahoo! Search using their browser’s search box. The best part about this is that you don’t need to download, install software or toolbar neither you have to reset your browsers default home page to any website. You absolutely change none of your settings.

When you register with homepages you will see the instructions for customizing your Browser’s search box with your Name. That’s it! Your name is displayed in your browser’s search box and whenever you perform a search on the internet through the same box your activity is counted on homepages

The search results from Yahoo! Search are displayed. You could use this search just the same way you normally search on the internet. The only difference is that after you register with homepages you will be paid for searching the internet with Yahoo! Search.

Homepage friends ( pays in Sterling Pounds and once you reach the minimum payout level, i.e. £ 20; it will be credited to your Paypal account.

Join myhpf (homepage friends) now and earn online money for something you have been already doing on the internet.


Chris said...

So does Yahoo have some sort of onwership too in it im guessin?

InvestSound said...

I don't think so! But myhpf sure has a tie up with yahoo for this. This would also help Yahoo! to promote its Search I guess.

sagameem said...

here's another way to earn minimum of £3 per month from your blog.

This UK based program look so good. Their affiliate program will reward you £5 per new registration you bring in! Let's see it...

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