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mylot.comThere are Millions of internet users who are bored with just plain browsing and who want to make something out of their usage of the internet. This would simply mean that they wish to earn some money while they spend their time on the internet. Although, this sounds like asking too much for something you do as it is your need but it is now possible with web sites like mylot.com.

Mylot.com is one of the websites where the registered users can socialize online, make friends and earn money at the same time. So, if you become a mylot.com member and you participate on the site regularly, you will probably earn handsome pocket money for yourself. It is like Earn while having Fun. On mylot.com, you will be able to satisfy your socializing needs (of course online socializing) as well as get paid for the activities you perform on the site.

Mylot.com is a social networking site (which pays) where you can share your thoughts with other members, you can ask for opinion about anything you wish to. At mylot, these activities are called as 'Discussions'. You can start your own discussions or you may just respond to the discussions of the other members. For every response that you make to a discussion you will approximately earn $0.02. So, if you have an hour which you can spend on mylot.com and if you are able to respond to 50 discussion you will probably end up earning $1! Isn't that amazing? If you visit mylot.com regularly and post 50 responses to the discussions everyday, you will earn $10 in 10 days, which is the minimum payout limit on mylot.com.

Isn't this Fantastic!! This means that you could earn $30 in a month just by replying to others discussions and this is not all! You can start your own discussions too, where other mylot.com members will respond to it and that will also earn you money. There is one more way to earn on mylot.com. You can also upload your photos, images, graphics to the relevant topics on mylot which could earn you upto $0.03. Mylot.com also has a referral program where you will earn a percentage of the total revenue earned by your referrals.

All in all, mylot.com is a deal for someone who likes to read, write and share thoughts, views. There are members who reach the payout limit within a month. I have also been paid once by mylot.com. You can request your payment to your Paypal account. Please check the mylot terms and FAQ pages before you jump in. Once you read it, register and start earning money!


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