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We all are aware of how you can earn money through your web site or blog by installing Google AdSense ads. AdSense also has some more ways to help you earn money from a blog or a web site. For example AdSense Search. AdSense Search may not add significantly to your AdSense earnings but in many of the cases it may contribute up to 5% of the total AdSense earnings.

AdSense has one more terrific option to earn money from. Youtube videos, Yes!

If you have a Youtube account and an Google AdSense account, you can add Youtube videos on your blog or web site which may help you get more clicks resulting in more $$$ from AdSense.

You don’t need to upload your own videos to Youtube. There are plenty of them already. You just have to choose the categories or add keywords for which you would like to display the videos on your web page.

Adding Youtube videos is not very difficult. The only thing is you need to have an AdSense account as well as a Youtube account. Once you go to the AdSense Ad Setup page, you will see step but step instructions on how to go about adding Youtube videos on your web page. There are a number of players with different color schemes and sizes which you could add.

So, if you already have a blog or a website, logon to AdSense and Youtube and add some life to your website or blog!

Happy Earning!


Talk2myCPA said...

nice, i will try this one. i tried loading a youtube video to my blog but a did not know that i can also add adsense to it.

thanks for sharing


Sandy said...


Making money with Adsense involves posting ads. You receive payments upon the viewer click. You only need some activation fee and start making advertisements no matter their size, color, format or style. This is also a great home business opportunity where You get the pay after the viewer click or view your advert.

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