Earning money with PTC sites

When I started to look for ways to earn money online, the first I found was earning with PTC sites. PTC means "Paid to Click" sites. These are probably most advertised and publicized ‘earn money' websites on the internet, I guess. That is why these websites also happens to be the most favorite online income source for many. When you Google for some PTC sites you will find thousands of PTC sites which offer to pay from a few cents to a few hundred dollars.

I myself have tried hundreds of PTC sites. Some of them promised me to pay hundreds of dollars just for clicking their ads! Obviously they don't pay!! You can not say that they are a fraud, but the bottom line is you won't see that money into your Paypal account.

This doesn't make them all bad though. I also found many sites which actually pay. The minimum payment usually is $1 and in some cases $2 to $5. This is not much money but it is good for a newbie in Online Money Making. Soon I got bored with earning a dollar a month, that too after clicking thousands of ads. I also found new and better ways to earn money online which I have posted here on the blog. I will also post many more ways to earn money online so keep checking!

To start with, you can check the MyLot and Homepage Friends posts. More ways to earn money online coming soon!


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