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Another jewel when it comes to Earning Money Online. is an excellent earning opportunity for anybody who could write about 120 words minimum about services, products, online stores, movies etc.

I am sure you can write 120 words to earn $1! Yes, pays you $1 per review and the minimum payment level is just $5. So, if you are using just 5 products or services listed on and if you could write a short review about those products, you can earn $5 in a single day! offers many payment options including

That is not all, you also earn from the ratings your review earns from other ciao members. This could add to your $1 earning per review and you will see your total earnings shooting through the roofs. I was able to make $40 in a single month just by writing 22 reviews. also has a referral system but I won’t post my referral link here because that is not the reason I am writing this post. I am writing this post so that you could earn more money online with a reputed and genuine site with millions of products and services we use everyday.

Check it out, register and start earning today.


kinu said...

CIAO has stopped awarding upfront payments now. Now that earning at ciao has become tougher, here's another great site where you can post your reviews and earn a whopping 2$ per accepted review. The review has to be 200 words long atleast. Plus, there is no limit on what you can review. That's right, review anything you want. Here's the link

A good strategy would be to first submit your review to this site and in the rare case that it gets rejected, you post it on ciao. This way your efforts won't go futile.

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