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If you read the Ciao.com article here and liked that “Paid to write” idea, here is one more for you. Unlike ciao.com, you don’t have to write reviews here on InformativePost.com but you could write articles in the area of your interest to be published on InformativePost and you get paid for the same!

IP (InformativePost) pays from $3 to $5 per article published on the site! If you ask me, this rate is pretty good. But that’s not all; you also get paid for page impressions. IP also has an Author Priority system. After you register with IP, you earn Author Priority points for your activity on the site like reading and commenting on other articles published on IP, Publishing your own articles etc.

These Author Priority points don’t earn you money directly but it acts as an activity meter on IP. The more Author Priority points, the more you can earn from the page impressions. Writers with higher Author Priority stand a chance to have their articles published quickly than others.

The minimum payout on InformativePost is $25 which is not that difficult if you ask me. You can withdraw money to your Paypal account. Consider the amount you get for each article you write plus the earnings from page impressions! I am about to take home some money from IP very soon. The owner of this site is a young and friendly guy and many times I have had discussions with him regarding InformativePost.

If you enjoy writing do register for InformativePost.com and have a great time while you earn good money.


adrin said...

This is really a great idea to earn money
from Writing Articles on Informative Post.

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reet said...

great work. its very informative too.it helped me in my work also..

reet said...

great work. its very informative too.it helped me in my work also..
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