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You must have heard about web sites who share the AdSense revenue with you. The ratio could be anything like 50%-50%, 60%-40% etc. Some of these sites include forums too. I have found a great site called which gives you 100% of the revenue generated on your content. I don’t know why I didn’t find this site earlier!

The best part is that this is not a boring forum site where all you do is type and type more. This is a social networking site where you could make friends, upload videos, upload pictures, write blog entries and share everything with the world. This is a very colorful, bright and vibrant website where earning some money is just a part of it (important though).

If you already have a AdSense account you could just give the details while registering and your ads will start showing on your content. In case you don’t have a AdSense account yet, you can create one and link with You can just skip the AdSense stuff and just enjoy the site like any other social networking site if you are not interested in the “online money” thing.

Why don’t you Join and see yourself? Let have fun on Flixya.


yborware said...

sounds different, i guess I'll try it.

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